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Coming to University of Victoria

Your health and well being are extremely important to us. We want you to enjoy your stay in Victoria and we want to be sure that you are able to get the proper medical treatment you need if you suffer a sickness or injury while you are here.
In British Columbia (BC), where the University of Victoria is located, there is a provincial government health care system (BC Medical Services Plan or MSP). Anyone who is a resident of BC is required to be a member of this system. International students, faculty or staff who have a study permit or a work permit that is valid for 6 months or more are required to enroll in the BC MSP insurance upon arrival. This insurance applies after a three-month waiting period.
During the three-month waiting period you must have health insurance coverage.
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (Aon) in conjunction with The University of Victoria have put together a Health Insurance program specifically designed for international students. This plan will ensure that you have adequate emergency medical coverage while you are in Canada during the three-month waiting period for BC MSP. If you do not qualify for BC MSP, you may purchase coverage under the Aon plan for the duration of your stay in Canada. For details of the Aon plan, please refer to Buy a Policy - Learn More.
Note: If you plan on traveling outside of BC once you're insured by the BC MSP you may NOT be covered while you're travelling. Please contact Aon at plines.victoria@aon.ca or 1-877-388-7577 for more information.
Buy a Policy
If you are a student and meet all of the eligibility requirements and would like to purchase this insurance, please complete the online application form.
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Faculty or Staff
Whether you are faculty or staff arriving from abroad or currently a Canadian resident, select this option for more information on available coverages, eligibility requirements and to complete the online application form.
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Make a Claim
If you get treatment for being sick or injured and you need to use your insurance to pay the bill, you will need to follow a process called "making a claim."
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